Vape Pen CBD & Refill Cartridge

Vape Pen CBD refillable, Pure Extract and its cartridges with CBD distillate 300mg Full Spectrum 60%. Take your CBD cannabidiol everywhere you go and vape discreetly.

The Vape Pen CBD 510 recharges very quickly thanks to its USB port and is very easy to use.


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Available in different flavors, buy your Vape Pen CBD and its cartridges with CBD Full Spectrum 60% :

Banana Kush CBD refill cartridge: a light, comforting banana fragrance.

Note Kush & Super Silver Haze CBD refill cartridge: invigorating and revitalizing, for a dose of energy and total soothing.

Vape CBD Pineapple Haze refill cartridge: its pineapple fragrance will take you on a journey and calm you down for sure.