THCPO, an innovative cannabinoid legal in France, promises intense, long-lasting relaxation. Our products, including THCPO flowers and resins, are designed to maximize benefits and guarantee quality. Perfect for a deeply relaxing experience, with responsible consumption. Discover well-being revolutionized by THCPO.

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THCPO, a newcomer to the world of cannabinoids, is coming to France with a bold promise. This THC derivative, known for its relaxing and soothing effects, is now available through a range of carefully selected products. Consumers in search of relaxation will find what they're looking for in our selection of THCPO flowers and resins, designed to offer a unique and enriching experience.

THCPO, which is legal in France, can be added to your daily rituals to provide deep relaxation, without the legal constraints associated with classic THC. This innovative, stable and powerful molecule promises more intense and longer-lasting effects, thanks to its unique chemical structure. It binds effectively to CB1 receptors, optimizing its relaxing potential.

Discover our collection of THCPO flowers and resins, designed to preserve their beneficial properties for longer. These products, from recognized laboratories, guarantee quality and safety. THCPO, although new, suggests potential benefits for well-being, with an analgesic action that could help combat pain and inflammation.

THCPO consumption must be adapted to each individual. Start with low doses, and adjust according to the effects you feel. Be aware of contraindications: THCPO is not recommended for minors, pregnant or breast-feeding women, and avoid driving after use.

For a safe and rewarding experience, choose the quality and expertise of our THCPO products. Discover this new molecule which is revolutionizing the world of cannabinoids. Choose innovative well-being that's accessible to all. Visit our online cbd store to explore our range and benefit from free delivery in Europe. Take part in this new era of well-being with THCPO, and discover deep relaxation, all legally.



1. What is THCPO? THCPO, or Tetrahydrocannabiphorol Acetate-O, is a new cannabinoid derived from THCP and, by extension, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Synthesized for the first time in 2021, it is gaining in popularity in the United States and is starting to make a name for itself in France.

2. Is THCPO legal in France? Yes, THCPO is unregulated and therefore legal in France, where its sale, purchase and consumption are authorized. However, because of its psychoactive effects, it is recommended not to drive after consumption.

3. What are the differences between THCPO and THC? THCPO differs from THC in its unique chemical structure, with a 7-term side chain and an acetate group. This structure enables it to bind more effectively to CB1 receptors, making its effects potentially more powerful and long-lasting. Unlike THC, which is well known and regulated, THCPO is a new and less studied cannabinoid.

4. How are THCPO-based products made? THCPO is a rare semi-synthetic molecule in the cannabis plant. It is extracted and processed in the laboratory using complex chemical processes to obtain THCPO distillate, which is then used in a variety of products.

5. What are the effects of THCPO? THCPO acts on CB1 cannabinoid receptors and may have psychotropic effects similar to those of THC and THCP. Its unique molecular structure may make its effects more powerful and long-lasting, but studies on its precise impact are limited.

6. Does THCPO have therapeutic effects? Potentially, yes. Like other cannabinoids, THCPO could influence the endocannabinoid system, involved in regulating well-being, and have beneficial effects on stress, anxiety, pain and inflammation. However, research is still insufficient for definitive conclusions.

7. What are the possible side effects of THCPO? Side effects of THCPO could include dry mouth, cravings, red eyes, drowsiness and paranoia, similar to those of THC, but further studies are needed for a better understanding.

8. Where can I buy THCPO in France? THCPO, still new to the French market, will gradually become available in a variety of products, with a growing presence to be expected.

9. What types of THCPO products are available? There are many THCPO-based products, including infused flowers, resins, gummies and vaping e-liquids, each with varying concentrations and flavors.

10. What is the recommended dose of THCPO? Consumption of THCPO should be gradual. It is advisable to start with low doses and adjust according to the effects felt.

11. Are there any precautions or contraindications to be aware of? THCPO, being a recent cannabinoid, should be used with caution. It is not recommended for minors, pregnant and breast-feeding women, and it is important not to drive after consumption. Talk to your doctor to avoid possible drug interactions.