MOD Battery 510 Pure Extract

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The MOD 510 battery from Pure Extract is a battery for 0.5ml and 1ml CBD, HHCPO, THCP, THCV and CBNO cartridges. Easy to carry around, it takes up little space in a small bag or pocket.

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Pure Extract's MOD Battery 510 is an extremely easy-to-use tool, specifically adapted for CBD or HHCPO extract cartridges. Made from stainless steel, this sturdy device allows you to enjoy the benefits of CBD and HHCPO, THCP or CBNO without complication, wherever you are. With instant activation on first puff and cutting-edge technology, this battery guarantees an optimal experience by keeping your cartridge at the ideal temperature.

Please note that this battery is only compatible with 0.5 ml and 1 ml cartridges. It is not suitable for 2-ml cartridges.

Technical specifications :

  • Materials of construction: Stainless steel tube with metallic painted body
  • Loading port: 510 universal thread
  • Battery life: 390mAh capacity
  • LED indicator: Red color
  • Charging: USB port for easy recharging

User Guide :

  • To switch on: Press the power button five times in quick succession. Three flashes of light indicate that the battery is activated.
  • To switch off: The process is similar to switching on. Press five times quickly to deactivate the battery. Three flashes will confirm that the device is switched off.
  • Pre-heating mode: To preheat your cartridge, press the power button twice. This triggers a 15-second heating cycle.
  • To charge the cartridge: attach the magnetic adapter to your cartridge, then insert this side into the battery reservoir.
  • Voltage change: To adjust the voltage level, open the power button cover and press three times quickly.

Advantages of the Pure Extract MOD 510 battery

CBD and HHC enthusiasts will find Pure Extract's MOD 510 Battery a reliable companion for their vaping sessions. Not only is its ease of use an undeniable advantage, but its durability makes it a wise choice for those on the go. Its stainless steel body makes it a robust device, resistant to impact and corrosion.

Cutting-edge technology for an unparalleled experience

One of the most impressive features of this battery is its ability to maintain the cartridge at a constant temperature. This ensures efficient vaporization and better absorption of active compounds, for an optimal user experience.

Safety and convenience

In addition to its robustness and advanced technology, this model also offers a range of safety features. The red LED indicator lets you monitor battery levels, and the integrated USB port ensures hassle-free recharging. In addition, multiple voltage options offer greater control over your vaping experience.


All in all, if you're looking for a durable, efficient and easy-to-use device for vaping CBD and HHC extracts, Pure Extract's MOD 510 Battery is an option to seriously consider. Between its stainless steel construction, advanced technology and safety features, it ticks all the boxes to become your ideal choice for everyday or occasional use.


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MOD Battery 510 Pure Extract

MOD Battery 510 Pure Extract

26.90 €26.90 

In stock