Yellow Hash 35% resin

CBD: 35%
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The new Yellow Hash resin is back, with its powerful spicy aroma to soothe you. Discover the powerful, soothing virtues of this natural resin, with no added terpenes. Its 35% CBD content and creamy texture are sure to relax you!

Taste & Flavour: Spicy - Fruity

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Yellow Hash resin - THC concentration below 0.3%.

Discover Yellow Hash resin, renowned for its brownish-yellow hue. Its smooth, creamy texture reveals a seductive ochre-yellow color when cut. With a CBD content of 35%, Yellow Hash is sure to charm you.

How to use Yellow Hash CBD Resin

CBD paste, enriched with resin, is among the cannabidiol products richest in active ingredients. At the center of the CBD wave, it is becoming the preferred choice of many connoisseurs. Its practical, portable format makes it both a refined and sober option.

Its versatility in terms of consumption expands the possibilities for users. How is it made, and how can it be consumed discreetly, far from the preconceived ideas of hashish? CBD resin offers an array of options and benefits.

What is CBD resin?

Resin, the natural secretion of various plants, has been used for centuries for a variety of applications, from glues to medicinal properties. CBD resin comes from the CBD-rich flowers of female plants. It is extracted by various techniques, making it the very essence of the plant's CBD. The highest concentrations of CBD are found in these resin-based pastes.

How to consume CBD resin?

Inhalation is often the first method considered for this paste. It's a popular method because the effects are felt quickly. For an optimal experience, the use of a vaporizer is recommended, minimizing the impact on the lungs and maximizing CBD's effectiveness.

Advantages of CBD resin

CBD resin offers the properties of cannabidiol in high concentrations. Numerous studies, notably in the U.S., have highlighted its relaxing properties, its potential to reduce anxiety and stress, and much more. Research also suggests that CBD may help relieve certain types of pain.

Yellow Hash Resin features

  • Culture : Indoor
  • No added terpenes
  • CBD content: approx. 35
  • CBG rate: around 1%.
  • THC content: less than 0.2%.

Note: Our CBD products are grown organically in Europe, without pesticides and in compliance with European standards, with less than 0.2% THC.

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21 reviews for Yellow Hash 35% resin

  1. Elmo (confirmed customer) -

    Products that keep all their promises, I'm delighted.

  2. London (confirmed customer) -

    A must for relaxation! I use it regularly to help me relax after a long day at work.

  3. Dudley (confirmed customer) -

    I switched to this product after trying several others, and I can say that this one is by far the best.

  4. Ralph (confirmed customer) -

    Products of this quality are what we've all been waiting for. Lord Of CBD has it all.

  5. Omer (confirmed customer) -

    Never disappointed with this product, it does exactly what it promises.

  6. Bennett (confirmed customer) -

    Thanks to Lord Of CBD for these exceptional products, I'm won over.

  7. Noémie (confirmed customer) -

    I'm completely blown away by the efficiency and quality.

  8. Rubye (confirmed customer) -

    I am absolutely delighted with this product. Since I started using it, my anxiety level has dropped considerably. It's like a breath of fresh air!

  9. Ana (confirmed customer) -

    Impressive, both in terms of quality and efficiency. I'm won over.

  10. Violet (confirmed customer) -

    Surprisingly effective, far beyond my expectations.

  11. Garfield (confirmed customer) -

    If all products were at this level, it would be paradise.

  12. Birdie (confirmed customer) -

    If I could, I'd give Lord Of CBD six stars.

  13. Kelton (confirmed customer) -

    I'm impressed by the quality of Lord Of CBD products, a real treat.

  14. Bernhard (confirmed customer) -

    I've tried it, I've adopted it, Lord Of CBD has become my reference.

  15. Anibal (confirmed customer) -

    The quality is there, but I'd like more information on what's new.

  16. Roy (confirmed customer) -

    I have nothing but praise for Lord Of CBD, they really deserve it.

  17. Michele (confirmed customer) -

    Hats off to the whole team behind this exceptional product.

  18. Tony (confirmed customer) -

    I like it a lot, but more detailed customer reviews would help to make a more informed choice.

  19. Rosetta (confirmed customer) -

    A product that deserves all its attention. Great art.

  20. Edwin (confirmed customer) -

    The product arrived quickly and the packaging was impeccable. I felt the effects almost immediately.

  21. Zelma (confirmed customer) -

    Since I've been using this product, I feel much better in my skin. It's like a rebirth for me.

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Yellow Hash CBD

Yellow Hash 35% resin

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