Hash Double Zero THCPO 20% - Power Boost

CBD: 40%THCPO: 20%

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Double Zero THCPO resin is characterized by its hash aroma. Powerful, discover the soothing virtues of this natural resin, with no added terpenes. Its20% THCPO and texture are sure to relax you! For an informed public.


Taste & Flavour: Hash - Herb


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Prepare for a Unique Sensory Journey with our 20% THCPO Enriched Resin

Psychoactive Ecstasy: An Authentic and Innovative Experience

Our THCPO-enriched Resin features a high concentration of 20% THCPO, a legal cannabinoid, for a carefully calibrated, pleasurable psychoactive experience. Free yourself from the worries of legality. The THC content of this resin remains well below the 0.3% threshold set by French legislation, ensuring totally legal and risk-free use.


Artisanal Excellence: A Symbol of Purity and Refinement

Every particle of this resin bears witness to exceptional craftsmanship. Thanks to advanced extraction methods, the purity of our resin is unsurpassed. You don't have to worry about unwanted residues or synthetic compounds. What you're getting is the ultimate cannabic product, grown under optimal conditions of care and control.

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Hash Double Zero THCPO features

  • Culture : Indoor
  • THCPO rate: Approx. 20%.
  • CBD content: Approx. 10%.
  • CBG rate: Approximately 0.4%.
  • THC content: less than 0.2%.

Crucial information

It's important to note that all our products are grown organically in Europe, free from pesticides and complying with all regulatory standards, with THC levels below 0.3%.

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Hash Double Zero THCPO

Hash Double Zero THCPO 20% - Power Boost

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