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THCJD: 10%

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Medelin THCJD resin, an Afghan type made in France, is characterized by its spicy, powerful hash aroma. Discover the powerful, soothing virtues of this natural resin, with no added terpenes. Its 10% THC-JD content and texture are sure to relax you! For an informed public.

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Taste & Flavors: Spices - Hash - Afghan


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Discover a unique experience with our Afghan-style fatty resin, Medelin, grading 10% THCJD, a legal, high-quality alternative for lovers of cannabinoid products. Designed to offer an authentic experience, this resin is distinguished by its rich texture and deep aromas, reminiscent of the age-old traditions of Afghan master resin makers. Each batch is rigorously selected to ensure maximum purity and potency, delivering an experience both rich and satisfying.

Medelin's manufacturing process adheres to the strictest standards, using only the highest quality cannabis plants grown in a responsible and sustainable manner. This approach not only guarantees the excellence of the final product, but also supports environmentally-friendly production. By choosing Medelin, you're opting for a resin that perfectly balances potency, purity and environmental responsibility.


Medelin Hash THCJD 10% 10% of

We invite every cannabinoid enthusiast to discover Medelin and make this exceptional resin part of their daily routine. Whether you're looking for deep relaxation or a special moment to unwind, Medelin is your ideal choice. Don't wait any longer to explore the many facets of this unique resin and let its authentic character transport you.


  • What is THCJD?
    THCJD is a cannabinoid naturally present in the cannabis plant, known for its relaxing effects and reputed for its powerful psychoactive effects.
  • How to use this resin?
    The resin can be consumed in a variety of ways, including vaporization or incorporation into culinary preparations. We recommend starting with small quantities to assess your tolerance.
  • Is this resin legal?
    Yes, our resin complies with all current European regulations, with THC levels below the authorized legal threshold, guaranteeing its legality.
  • Can I drive after taking this resin?
    We advise against driving or operating heavy machinery after consuming cannabinoid-based products, due to their relaxing effects.
  • Is this resin addictive?
    As with any product containing cannabinoids, it's important to use in moderation. Consult a health professional if in doubt.

Summary of key benefits :

  1. Authentic Experience: Offers an experience similar to that of traditional Afghan resins, with a unique aromatic richness and texture.
  2. High Purity: Each batch is tested to guarantee the purity and concentration of THCJD, ensuring a superior quality experience.
  3. Responsible production: sustainably grown, this product supports responsible agricultural practices.
  4. Versatility of use: Can be used in a variety of ways, adapting to different needs and preferences.

Instructions for use :

Start with a small amount to gauge your reaction. The resin can be vaporized or incorporated into foods. For best results, store the resin in a cool, dry place.

Safety information :

Consult a health care professional before use, especially if you are pregnant, breast-feeding, have medical conditions or are taking other medications. Do not drive after use.

Other information :

Keep this product out of the reach of children and pets. The legality of this product is confirmed within the European Union, in accordance with the authorized THC level.

Other information :

  • Culture : Indoor
  • THCJD content: Around 10%.
  • CBD content: Around 40%.
  • CBG rate: Around 0.4%.
  • THC content: less than 0.2%.
  • Origin: France

Note: Our products are grown organically in Europe, without pesticides and in compliance with standards, containing less than 0.3% THC.

If your curiosity is piqued and you'd like to learn more about CBD, I suggest you browse our magazine. A wealth of fascinating information awaits you!

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Medelin Hash THCJD 10% France

Medelin Hash THCJD 10% 10% of

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