Amnesia H3CBN (THCP 20%)

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Amnesia 20% THCP flower is characterized by its tangy, citrus aroma. One of our favorite varieties! Known for its relaxing and energizing properties, the "California" H3CBN flower will soothe your aches and pains and considerably reduce your stress and anxiety. For psychedelic moments. For an informed public only!



Taste & Flavour : Acidic - Citrus



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Exploring Amnesia Flower THCP Infused with H3CBN (THCP 20%): A Revolution in the World of Cannabinoids

Immerse yourself in a unique cannabinoid experience with Amnesia THCP flower, infused with H3CBN, or Hydroxy-3-Cannabinol. The fruit of considerable research and innovation in the field of cannabinoids, this molecule stands out for its unique design, derived from an advanced transformation of CBD (Cannabidiol). H3CBN has remarkable chemical characteristics and potential effects, attracting growing interest from both the scientific community and consumers.

The Potential Virtues of H3CBN in Light

Preliminary studies highlight the therapeutic virtues of H3CBN, suggesting that it may surpass CBD in pain relief. This prospect offers considerable hope for chronic pain sufferers. What's more, H3CBN may prove more effective than CBD in alleviating anxiety symptoms, providing significant support for individuals facing anxiety disorders.

Amnesia THCP and H3CBN: A Promising Duo for Sleep

Sleep, an essential pillar of our well-being, can be disrupted by various factors, such as insomnia. Initial data on H3CBN indicate that this cannabinoid may enhance sleep quality, inducing relaxation and reducing insomnia symptoms, thus representing a promising therapeutic option for those struggling with sleep disorders.

H3CBN Research: An Expanding Field of Study

Although initial studies on H3CBN are encouraging, further research and clinical trials are crucial to definitively establish its effects, the appropriate dosages, and to identify possible side effects.

H3CBN: A Cannabinoid with Singular Properties

H3CBN is a sophisticated variant of Cannabinol (CBN), gaining popularity for its allegedly potentially superior properties to HHC (Hexa Hydrocannabinol). Like HHC, H3CBN interacts significantly with receptors of the endocannabinoid system, influencing biological processes such as pain management, appetite, mood and sleep. Early research suggests that H3CBN may offer comparable or even superior benefits to HHC, particularly in the treatment of chronic pain and inflammation.

In addition, H3CBN may have anxiolytic and antidepressant properties, opening up new prospects for the treatment of anxiety and depression disorders. However, further research is required to elucidate its mechanisms of action.

Amnesia THCP Ultra H3CBN 20% Flower Growing Specifics

  • Type of culture : Indoor
  • THCP content: approximately 20%.
  • CBD content: approximately 10%.
  • THC content: less than 0.19%.

For those intrigued by H3CBN, we invite you to consult our detailed article to learn more about this revolutionary cannabinoid.

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Amnesia H3CBN (THCP 20%)

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