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H4CBD 20% & CBD 10% Gelato flower is characterized by its sweet, fruity aroma. Known for its relaxing properties, H4-CBD Gelato flower will soothe your aches and pains and considerably reduce stress and anxiety. H4CBD is considered 30x more potent than CBD.

Taste & Flavour : Fruit - Ice Cream

Origin : Netherlands

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Gelato H4CBD 20% - THC less than 0.2% : The elite for relaxation and well-being

Immerse yourself in the verdant world of our H4CBD Gelato flower buds. Its vibrant shades of green, enhanced by fine, bright-green pistils, make it a true gem. With Gelato H4CBD, expect deep relaxation without the numbness or euphoria. It's the ideal solution for intense muscular pain or simply for moments of pure relaxation.

How to use Gelato H4CBD :

  • Infusion: H4CBD infusions are perfect for enjoying its relaxing effects. Adapt the dose to your preferences and add spices or herbs for a unique experience: vanilla, mint, chamomile, cinnamon.
  • Smoking: For those who prefer to smoke, H4CBD can be consumed without tobacco, combined with other herbs such as sage for a better experience.
  • Vaporization: Vaporization is a method appreciated for its rapid action. Be sure to spray between 160 and 220°C for optimum use.

Important: Always comply with current regulations. Our products comply with article R.5132-86 CSP, are certified by a European laboratory and contain less than 0.2% THC.

Why choose our Gelato H4CBD?

  1. Superior quality: Grown indoors for impeccable quality, our Gelato H4CBD flowers contain around 20% H4CBD, around 10% CBD and less than 0.19% THC.
  2. Certification and safety: Each batch is rigorously tested, ensuring a contaminant-free product.
  3. Proven effectiveness: our customer testimonials speak for themselves - pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, Gelato H4CBD is there to help.
  4. Simple online shopping: Order conveniently from home via our online store, with various payment options.

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Note: Our products are organically grown in Europe, without pesticides and in full compliance with European standards.

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15 reviews for Gelato H4CBD 20%

  1. Marisa (confirmed customer) -

    I didn't expect this level of quality, very impressive.

  2. Russ (confirmed customer) -

    Never disappointed with this product, it does exactly what it promises.

  3. Jay (confirmed customer) -

    This product has improved my concentration and mental clarity. I'm more productive and happier in general.

  4. Lee (confirmed customer) -

    Excellent product! I've noticed a significant improvement in my sleep and my ability to manage stress. Highly recommend."

  5. Boyd (confirmed customer) -

    Every detail counts, and Lord Of CBD understands this.

  6. Monroe (confirmed customer) -

    I had my doubts, but they were swept away the first time I used it.

  7. Lonnie (confirmed customer) -

    I've tried it, I've adopted it, Lord Of CBD has become my reference.

  8. Adelbert (confirmed customer) -

    What a pleasure to discover such a well-thought-out product!

  9. Perry (confirmed customer) -

    Quality products, responsive customer service, just one small problem with order tracking.

  10. Morris (confirmed customer) -

    Don't hesitate for a second, go for it! You'll thank me later.

  11. Henderson (confirmed customer) -

    Quality like this at this price is almost a bargain.

  12. Sean (confirmed customer) -

    I was skeptical at first, but now I'm completely won over.

  13. Bonita (confirmed customer) -

    I have nothing but praise for Lord Of CBD, they really deserve it.

  14. Spencer (confirmed customer) -

    Extraordinary products and quality service, I'm a fan.

  15. Anika (confirmed customer) -

    Undeniable quality, but a few payment options are missing.

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Gelato H4CBD

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