Small Kiwifruit Haze 10% (in French)

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Small Kiwi Haze is characterized by its kiwi scent, with hints of lemon and a sweet, invigorating taste. Known for its relaxing effects, this flower will relieve your aches and pains and considerably reduce your stress, while giving you a new lease of life! Small heads: 1.3 / 1.5 cm

Taste & Flavour : Kiwi - Lemon

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The wonderful adventure of the CBD Small Kiwi Haze flower

The CBD Kiwi Haze flower is distinguished by its beautiful dark green hue, an exquisite visual accompanied by robust buds wrapped in green pistils. It's the epitome of letting go, transporting you into a state of pure, deep relaxation, with a bewitching kiwi scent to boot.

History of the strain

This unique strain is the result of meticulous hybridization by master cannabis growers. Kiwi Haze is the result of many years of rigorous selection and cross-breeding to produce a hybrid with a high concentration of CBD.

How to use Small Kiwi Haze CBD

1. CBD flower infusion

To make an infusion from this flower, certain steps must be followed to ensure an optimal blend. It's a good idea to take the time to understand how you react to CBD before you start, as its impact varies from person to person. Don't hesitate to flavour your infusion to suit your tastes: vanilla, mint, cinnamon or even chamomile.

2. Smoking CBD flower

It's perfectly possible to smoke this flower in the same way as tobacco. However, remember that tobacco contains nicotine, which is addictive, unlike CBD. The coexistence of these two elements can neutralize the positive effects of CBD. It is therefore recommended to smoke CBD flower mixed with another herb, such as sage.

Please note: CBD products are regulated and must contain less than 0.3% THC. They must not be sold to minors, and are not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

3. Vaporize CBD flower

Vaporization is a method favored by connoisseurs, as it offers greater bioavailability and faster onset of effects. What's more, this method avoids the inhalation of undesirable substances. It is crucial to control the temperature, which should ideally be between 160 and 220°C to avoid the production of harmful compounds.

The hidden treasures of CBD flower

CBD flower promises a host of benefits and an unforgettable experience. The choice of consumption method is up to each individual, as long as good practices are followed.

Characteristics of Kiwi Haze CBD

  • Type of culture: Indoor
  • CBD content: Approx. 10%.
  • THC content: Less than 0.19%.

Information: Our CBD products are organically grown in Europe, without pesticides and with THC levels below 0.3%.

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Small Kiwi Haze CBD

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23 reviews for Small Kiwifruit Haze 10% (in French)

  1. Chelsea (confirmed customer) -

    I've fallen in love with this product, and there's no end in sight.

  2. Colleen (confirmed customer) -

    A little marvel in its field. A real gem.

  3. Jonathan (confirmed customer) -

    Great taste and fair price

  4. Avery (confirmed customer) -

    I tried it for skin problems, and the results were amazing. Even my dermatologist was impressed.

  5. Golden (confirmed customer) -

    A marvel! I can't live without it. It's the most effective product I've ever used to manage my pain and stress.

  6. Buck (confirmed customer) -

    I am absolutely delighted with this product. Since I started using it, my anxiety level has dropped considerably. It's like a breath of fresh air!

  7. Adrain (confirmed customer) -

    Once you've tasted quality Lord Of CBD, it's hard to go back.

  8. Chance (confirmed customer) -

    Quite frankly, a game-changing product! A must-try.

  9. Flossie (confirmed customer) -

    The value for money is just incredible, well beyond my expectations.

  10. Augusta (confirmed customer) -

    I love the product, but a referral program would be nice.

  11. Michele (confirmed customer) -

    Products of this quality are what we've all been waiting for. Lord Of CBD has it all.

  12. Stan (confirmed customer) -

    Hats off to the whole team behind this exceptional product.

  13. Keara (confirmed customer) -

    A benchmark for quality and service, without a doubt.

  14. Ara (confirmed customer) -

    Every detail counts, and Lord Of CBD understands this.

  15. Claudie (confirmed customer) -

    I've recommended it to all my friends, and they're all delighted.

  16. Gaëlle (confirmed customer) -

    I have to say I'm pretty demanding, and this time I'm more than satisfied.

  17. Lera (confirmed customer) -

    Impeccable quality, but the packaging could be more eco-friendly.

  18. Jo (confirmed customer) -

    Perfect for all-dayers as it's really inexpensive

  19. Jonathan (confirmed customer) -

    Quite nice

  20. colsteddy (confirmed customer) -

    it's the first time in my life that i've experienced a "fucking taste" with a CBD flower! it's a real coup de coeur i was pleasantly surprised, and despite the fact that the effect of CBD is not the same as that of HHC, i manage to enjoy it just as much if not more as the taste is really pleasant. it's really worth the detour!

  21. Jonathan (confirmed customer) -

    Good scent, slightly light taste

  22. Frederic (confirmed customer) -

    Quite pleasant to the taste, but a little light...

  23. pourlapub (confirmed customer) -

    I use it to blend and reduce the amount of tobacco, adds a nice taste.

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Small Kiwi Haze CBD

Small Kiwifruit Haze 10% (in French)

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