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MoonRock CBD flower is characterized by an intense flavor and instant effects thanks to its high CBD content. It is known for its hyper-relaxing sensations, both physical and psychological. This flower will relieve your aches and pains and considerably reduce your stress or anxiety.


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Discover MoonRock: A CBD treasure with less than 0.2% THC

Imagine a mysterious and extremely powerful green gemstone. It looks like a small pebble, but it's not just any pebble! It's the MoonRock CBD flower. At first glance, it may look like an ordinary lump, but think again. Wrapped in pure CBD extracts and dusted with a golden powder called kief, this flower is anything but ordinary.

The magic behind MoonRock

Behind this "pebble" lies a unique flower. You see, kief, also known as pollen, is actually a crystalline residue from the cannabis flower. Rich in terpenes and cannabinoids, it gives MoonRock its incredible CBD concentration, sometimes reaching up to 70%. Yes, you read that right, 70%!

Why is everyone talking about this "moonstone"?

With such impressive CBD levels, it's no wonder this flower is so popular. Just imagine: a small dose is all it takes to feel a deep, almost instantaneous sense of relaxation. Your muscles relax, your mind calms down, and any feeling of pain vanishes. It's like an inner massage for your body and mind.

When and how to use it to reap its full benefits?

An ally during tense moments MoonRock is your best friend during stressful days. To benefit fully from its soothing effects, consume it in the evening. Whether you want to combat insomnia or relieve aches and pains, a small amount is all you need. But be careful! Its potency must be respected. Take it easy.

Consumption modes

  1. Relaxing infusion: Infuse a small quantity in a fatty substance or in hot water for an herbal tea.
  2. Culinary delights: Mix the flower with fats to create pastries or other gourmet preparations.
  3. Inhalation: Use a vaporizer at over 170 degrees for a different experience.

Composition: A powerful, confident flower

MoonRock is certainly impressive, but it's also fully compliant with regulations. With CBD levels approaching 70% and THC levels below 0.2%, you can be sure of consuming a quality product.

A guarantee of quality Our CBD flowers, including MoonRock, come from European organic farms, grown with care and without pesticides. They scrupulously comply with European law, guaranteeing a THC content of less than 0.2%.

MoonRock isn't just a flower. It's an experience, a journey through the benefits of CBD. Give it a chance, and you'll understand why it's so special.

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13 reviews for MoonRock 70%

  1. Joshuah (confirmed customer) -

    If all products were at this level, it would be paradise.

  2. Hattie (confirmed customer) -

    Simply excellent, a purchase I don't regret.

  3. Augustine (confirmed customer) -

    Products of this quality are what we've all been waiting for. Lord Of CBD has it all.

  4. Daren (confirmed customer) -

    Excellent product! I've noticed a significant improvement in my sleep and my ability to manage stress. Highly recommend."

  5. Bradford (confirmed customer) -

    The product arrived quickly and the packaging was impeccable. I felt the effects almost immediately.

  6. Paige (confirmed customer) -

    It's simple, everything is perfect at Lord Of CBD.

  7. Susie (confirmed customer) -

    Don't wait, this is the product for you!

  8. Domenick (confirmed customer) -

    I use this product for my joints, and I must say it's a real miracle. I can finally move without pain.

  9. Justine (confirmed customer) -

    I've recommended it to all my friends, and they're all delighted.

  10. Ryley (confirmed customer) -

    I'm impressed by the quality of Lord Of CBD products, a real treat.

  11. Madelynn (confirmed customer) -

    Seriously, it should be mandatory. A flawless performance.

  12. Gretchen (confirmed customer) -

    A marvel! I can't live without it. It's the most effective product I've ever used to manage my pain and stress.

  13. Gillian (confirmed customer) -

    Very nice order, as always at Lord or CBD. I encourage you to visit them in store, you will be very well received and advised, I recommend ++++, see you soon by the way, I'm nearing the end of my order 😜

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MoonRock 70%

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