CBD Super Lemon Haze flowers

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CBD Super Lemon Haze is distinguished by its exquisite lemon aroma that awakens the senses. On the palate, it reveals distinctly lemony notes, combining freshness with a hint of acidity and irresistible sweetness. Renowned for its dual energizing and relaxing effect, this flower has the power not only to galvanize you, but also to make you smile again in an instant.

Taste & Flavour : Acidulated - Lemon - Fruity

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Aesthetically appealing, the CBD Super Lemon Haze flower boasts medium to large buds coated in pale green. Coppery pistils intertwine delicately among the leaves, adding visual richness to this unique strain.

Looking for an energy boost? You'll be won over by the fresh, exquisite lemon flavours of Super Lemon Haze. Not only does this flower energize and boost your mood, it also has remarkable psychological benefits. It can temporarily alleviate states of stress, mild depression or anxiety. It is often recommended for people with mood disorders. And that's not all; this flower is also known for its beneficial effects on chronic pain and loss of appetite.

In terms of genetic origin, Super Lemon Haze is the result of meticulous hybridization between two well-known varieties: Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. It is to these ancestors that it owes its intense smell and pronounced lemon notes, attributed to the presence of the terpene limonene, naturally contained in Lemon Skunk.

Tips for an Optimal Experience

If you wish to benefit from its relaxing effects throughout the day, consumption in the morning or mid-afternoon would be ideal. For a soothing effect in the evening, particularly to alleviate stress and aches and pains, use in the evening is recommended.

There are several consumption methods available to you:

  1. Infusion: Leave the flowers to infuse in a fatty substance or herbal tea with hot water for around ten minutes.
  2. Food: You can also incorporate it into your recipes by mixing it with fats for a variety of culinary preparations.
  3. Inhalation: Use a vaporizer and set the temperature above 170 degrees for effective inhalation.

For more specific recommendations, please consult our consumer guide.

Technical details

  • Type of cultivation: Greenhouse
  • Genetic variety: Super Silver Haze x Lemon Skunk
  • CBD content: Approx. 10%.
  • THC content: Less than 0.05%.

It's important to note that all our CBD flowers and resins comply with European regulations. They are grown without the use of pesticides and contain less than 0.05% THC, thus complying with current legal guidelines.

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cbd super lemon haze flowers

CBD Super Lemon Haze flowers

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