Small Crystal Candy 9%

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Small Crystal Candy CBD flowers are characterized by their sweet, berry-like aroma. Known for its relaxing properties, Crystal Candy is grown near Milan, Italy. Small bud

Taste & Flavour : Sweet - Fruity - Berry

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Dive into the fascinating world of Small Crystal Candy CBD

Small Crystal Candy CBD is more than just a flower. It evokes art, delicacy and, above all, relaxation. Imagine for a moment, holding in your hands this flower with dark green buds, adorned with pistils flirting between shades of soft green and orange. Ah, and those little buds we affectionately call "Small Buds"! It's not just a name, it's an invitation to an extraordinary experience for those in search of serenity.

The relaxing charm of Small Crystal Candy CBD

If you're one of those people looking for relaxation after a long day or a natural remedy for persistent aches and pains, Small Crystal Candy CBD could well be your new ally. Its soothing power is, well, incredible! And what's even more fascinating is that it provides a sensation of deep relaxation without that unpleasant feeling of numbness. Perfect for people like me, who live in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

How do I get the most out of Small Crystal Candy CBD?

CBD infusions:

For those who like to savor their relaxation, what could be better than a hot infusion? Just follow a few tips for optimal enjoyment. However, remember that everyone is unique, and the experience may vary. For a personal touch, don't hesitate to add flavors like vanilla or cinnamon. And if you don't have the time, ready-made infusions are available!

Smoking CBD:

Yes, you can smoke Small Crystal Candy CBD. But be careful, avoid tobacco! Nicotine can spoil the whole experience. Instead, why not try other herbs, like sage?


As many of you know, vaporizing CBD can offer an intense and fast-paced experience. However, mastering the technique and, above all, the temperature, is crucial to reap the full benefits.

What you need to know...

Legality first! Our precious CBD flowers comply strictly with current regulations. They come from authorized plants and have a THC content of less than 0.3%. Certified and traced by a European laboratory, they meet the strictest standards. Please note that they are forbidden to under-18s and not recommended for expectant mothers. And remember, simply not smoking is always the best option.

Small Crystal Candy CBD grows in the open air, proud of its CBD content of around 9% and THC content of just 0.29%. And the little extra? They are grown without pesticides and in compliance with European standards.

Curious to know more? We have an online magazine dedicated to CBD. Check it out!

Relax, dear friends. Enjoy the magic of Small Crystal Candy CBD!

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4 reviews for Small Crystal Candy 9%

  1. Rory (confirmed customer) -

    The kind of product where you think, "Why didn't I discover this sooner?"

  2. Jonathan (confirmed customer) -

    Very good taste otherwise

  3. Isac (confirmed customer) -

    I've tried it, I've adopted it, Lord Of CBD has become my reference.

  4. Jonathan (confirmed customer) -

    Not bad, but lots of leaves and crumbs

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Small Crystal Candy CBD

Small Crystal Candy 9%

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