Premium CBD Massage Oil - Lavender Flavour

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Your relaxing and soothing CBD massage oil to gently relieve tension and stress. Ideal for a moment together, full of sensation and relaxation. The CBD massage oil with lavender, nourishes the skin, treats eczema and relieves your joints and muscle tensions.



What are the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) massage?

A CBD oil massage not only offers physical benefits, but also psychological ones.

Indeed, the main virtues of products containing cannabidiol are the relief of pain, anxiety and stress. It is therefore the ideal remedy for muscular pains that have a psychological component and that occur in case of anger or strong emotion. To remedy this, simply apply a little organic hemp oil to the sore muscles before starting to massage them.

In addition, CBD oil massage promotes a good mood and creativity. The use of cannabidiol massage oil also offers optimal relaxation and helps to combat sleep disorders.

In addition, the CBD products used in these massages are suitable for all skin types.

Finally, in addition to having positive effects on your mood and relieving stress, a massage with hemp extracts can also revitalise your skin and accelerate its healing in case of burns, insect bites or wounds. I

It strengthens the skin and subcutaneous tissues, protects them against microbes and provides them with optimal hydration.

Cannabis derivatives make your skin softer and more radiant than ever.

How to use CBD massage oil?

Apply a dab of oil locally and massage until the product is completely absorbed.


How to maximize the benefits of CBD massage oil?

To get the full benefit of your cannabis massage, it is important to follow certain guidelines in addition to those on the bottle of massage oil or balm.

First of all, you need to clean your skin well. Indeed, for optimal effectiveness, cannabidiol must be absorbed quickly by your skin. Therefore, your skin must be free of anything that could act as a barrier to its passage into the bloodstream. Furthermore, you should also be careful not to touch your eyes and to wash your hands after the massage because CBD can be harmful to them.


Premium CBD Massage Oil

Composition of the CBD Premium Massage Oil - Lavender Flavour

  • Organic hemp oil,
  • of sunflower,
  • of grape seeds,
  • lawyer,
  • sweet almond,
  • Vitamin E,
  • extracts of Cannabis Sativa L.


Store away from light, heat and moisture.


Note: We select for you high quality extracts from an organic hemp farm cultivated without pesticides in the state of Colorado in the USA. Our extractions are carried out with supercritical CO2 to ensure optimal quality and perfect purity of the extracts. All our products comply with European law by containing less than 0.2% THC.

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Premium CBD Massage Oil

Premium CBD Massage Oil - Lavender Flavour

32.90 €32.90 

Available soon