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THCPO 10% Gorilla Glue flower is characterized by its fruity, herbaceous aroma. Known for its relaxing and psychedelic properties, THCPO "California" flower will soothe your aches and pains and considerably reduce your stress and anxiety. For psychedelic moments. For an informed public only!



Taste & Flavour : Fruity - Herbaceous



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À la Découverte de la Fleur Gorilla Glue THCPO Enrichée en THCPO à 10% : Une Nouvelle Ere dans l'Univers des Cannabinoïdes

THCPO: A Cannabinoid Revolution in France

Gorilla Glue THCPO flower marks the entry of a new player in the cannabinoid field: THCPO, or Tetrahydrocannabiphorol-O Acetate. This innovative THC derivative, renowned for its relaxing and soothing effects, is now available in France, promising a rewarding and legal cannabinoid experience. Our carefully selected THCPO flowers and resins are designed to offer deep relaxation and a unique user experience.

Advantages of THCPO

THCPO, legal in France, fits perfectly into your daily routine, offering deep relaxation without the legal restrictions associated with classic THC. This innovative, potent and stable molecule promises more intense and long-lasting effects, thanks to its effective binding to CB1 receptors. Our THCPO products, developed in recognized laboratories, preserve their beneficial properties for longer, guaranteeing both quality and safety.

Potential therapeutic benefits of THCPO

Although new, THCPO suggests benefits for well-being, including an analgesic action that could be useful in the fight against pain and inflammation. However, it is advisable to start with low doses and adjust them according to the effects felt, while respecting contraindications.

Your Companion to Relaxation

For a rewarding and safe experience, choose our high-quality THCPO products. Our collection includes flowers and resins designed to deliver a unique and deeply relaxing cannabinoid experience. Discover this new molecule that is redefining the world of cannabinoids and make the choice of innovative well-being, available from our online cbd store with free delivery in Europe.

Fleur Gelato THCPo Ultra H3CBN 20% features

  • Type of culture : Indoor
  • THCPo rate: around 10%.
  • CBD content: approximately 10%.
  • THC content: less than 0.19%.


  1. What is THCPO? THCPO is a new cannabinoid, derived from THCP, and by extension THC, which appeared in 2021. It is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the United States.
  2. Is THCPO legal in France? Yes, THCPO is legal in France, but it is recommended not to drive after taking it, due to its psychoactive effects.
  3. Differences between THCPO and THC THCPO differs from THC in its unique chemical structure, with greater efficiency in binding to CB1 receptors, making its effects more powerful.
  4. Manufacture of THCPO products Semi-synthetic THCPO is extracted and refined in the laboratory for use in a variety of products.
  5. Effects of THCPO THCPO acts on CB1 receptors and could have psychotropic effects similar to THC, with potentially greater potency.
  6. THCPO's therapeutic effects Potentially, THCPO could influence well-being, helping to manage stress, anxiety, pain and inflammation.
  7. Side effects of THCPO Side effects may include dry mouth, drowsiness and paranoia, similar to those of THC.
  8. Availability of THCPO in France THCPO will gradually be available in various products on the French market.
  9. THCPO-based products available The range includes infused flowers, resins, gummies and e-liquids for vaping.
  10. Recommended dose of THCPO Start with low doses and adjust as you feel the effects.
  11. Cautions and contraindications THCPO should be used with caution, especially by minors, pregnant and breast-feeding women, and avoid driving after consumption.

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Gorilla Glue Fleurs THCPO 10% (THCPO flowers)

Gorilla Glue THCPO 10% for

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