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Amnesia Haze CBD flower is distinguished by a deeply earthy aroma that immediately awakens the senses. Its flavor, while subtly bitter, reserves an aromatic palette that evokes nuances of citrus, lemon and, occasionally, hints of pine. Renowned for its energizing qualities, this flower has the power not only to boost your motivation, but also to make you instantly more cheerful.

Taste & Flavour : Citrus - Pine - Earthy

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Rediscovering CBD Amnesia Haze Flower: An Elixir for Body and Mind

Visuels Sublimes : Un Éveil Pour Les Sens

At first sight, the CBD Amnesia Haze flower seduces you with its splendid palette of colors, from pale green to sage. But it's not just its looks that strike you; it's also adorned with coppery pistils nestling between its leaves. These pistils twist and intertwine through the buds, adding to the complex beauty of this extraordinary flower.

The Effects: A Genuine Energy Boost

Beyond its bewitching aesthetics, CBD Amnesia Haze flower is a veritable reserve of energy and good humor. You'll feel revitalizing effects, almost like a surge of youth and exhilaration. This variety is not only a fantastic choice for consumers seeking relaxation and recreation; it also has medical implications.

Do you suffer from stress, mild depression or anxiety? This flower could be your temporary solution, offering psychic calming and mood enhancement. What's more, if you're affected by chronic pain or a lack of appetite, CBD Amnesia Haze flower could offer the comfort you're looking for.

The Genetic Journey: A Highly Concentrated CBD Hybrid

This plant gem is the result of meticulous hybridization work, carried out by expert hands in the field of cannabis cultivation. The strain comes from a rigorous selection and crossing process, with the aim of optimally concentrating CBD.

Amnesia Haze is not just a product of chance. It's the result of a complex genetic assembly. Its lineage goes back to several Landrace strains, originating in various parts of the world such as Jamaica, Afghanistan, India, Africa, Pakistan and Central America. The result? A flower rich in varied characteristics, offering aromatic notes of citrus, lemon and pine, with an earthy nuance that makes it a complete sensory experience.

Tips for an Optimal Experience

Want to take full advantage of this flower's effects? Opt for morning or afternoon consumption, to take advantage of its energy boost.

  • Infusion: Place the flowers in a fatty substance or herbal tea in hot water for about ten minutes.
  • Cooking: Mix the flower with fats to create pastries and other delicious dishes.
  • Vaporization: Use a vaporizer at a temperature above 170 degrees to inhale the active compounds.

Components and Compliance

  • Type of culture: Greenhouse
  • Strain: Original Amnesia and Nevil's Haze
  • CBD content: Approx. 10%.
  • THC content: less than 0.3%.

It's important to note that our CBD flowers and resins comply with all European standards. They are organically grown, without the use of pesticides, and contain less than 0.05% THC, which is well below the 0.3% threshold authorized in France.

Amnesia Haze CBD flower is much more than just a product. It's an experience that touches both the physical and the mental, combining energizing effects with potentially beneficial health properties. With its captivating blend of colors and complex aromas, it offers a sensory experience that transcends the norm. Both pleasing to the senses and therapeutic, this flower is sure to find a special place in the hearts of connoisseurs and novices alike.

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cbd amnesia haze flowers

CBD Amnesia Haze flowers

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