Bonbon THCP 5 mg - Leaves

THCP: 5mg
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THCP (Gummies ) 5mg psychedelic candy, available in 10 or 20 pieces.

Maximum 1 candy every 6 hours. For an informed public!



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Bonbon THCP 5 mg - Cube


THCP extract, Isomalt (E953), Natural flavor / color (E102 - E131)



Very powerful, start with 1 de gummies THCP, and wait to see the effects. For an informed public only.

Duration of effects from 6h to 24h.

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10 pieces, 20 pieces





1 avis pour Bonbon THCP 5 mg - Feuilles

  1. Dylan (confirmed customer) -

    I took it without much conviction, to be honest I didn't really believe in the supposed potency of THC derivatives. But after seeing some nice effects on candies at 2mg THCP per candy, we wanted to try a little harder.

    Effects: WOW, it's a real eye-opener. Not for the uninitiated. We found it more powerful than some real spacecakes, and it's especially long-lasting. The effects lasted 24 hours for us. Don't expect anything the next day! Big fat pasty despite liters of water, giggles galore... I don't understand how it can be legal. I think it's only a matter of time before it's banned in France.

    Taste/texture/appearance: the taste is pretty good, the texture a little less so (but that's not why we're here) and the candies are really pretty.

    Value for money: Absolutely excellent, I couldn't find a better price on the web.

    In short, it's really great! It calmed us down lol (again, if you've never tried THCP, don't take it lightly).

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Gummies bonbon thcp 5mg

Bonbon THCP 5 mg - Leaves

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