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Buddah Kush H4CBD 20% & CBD 10% flowers are characterized by their fruity, citrus aroma. Its tropical taste is energizing. Known for its relaxing properties, Buddah Kush HHC will soothe your aches and pains and considerably reduce stress and anxiety. Ideal for insomnia. H4CBD is considered 30x more potent than CBD.

Taste & Flavour : Fruit - Citrus - Tropical

Origin : Netherlands

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Buddah Kush H4CBD 20% - Cannabidiol Excellence with less than 0.2% THC

Immerse yourself in the enriching experience offered by our Buddah Kush H4CBD, a cannabidiol (CBD) specimen of exceptional quality. With a remarkable 20% H4CBD content and THC levels as low as 0.2%, this flower is distinguished by its deep green hues and purple pistils. Buddah Kush H4CBD is renowned for its relaxing and revitalizing properties, offering deep relaxation without numbness. Ideal for those wishing to counter stress or muscular pain. Guaranteed non-psychoactive.

How to use Buddah Kush H4CBD :

  • Infusion: Infusing with H4CBD requires special attention to maximize quality. Adapt and personalize your preparation according to your preferences, adding vanilla, mint or camomile, for example.
  • Smoking: Although smoking H4CBD is an option, avoid mixing it with tobacco to prevent nicotine-related risks. You can also combine it with herbs such as sage for an amplified experience.
  • Vaporization: This method is widely acclaimed for its effectiveness and speed of action. Vaporization prevents the inhalation of potentially harmful substances present in smoke. For ideal vaporization, maintain a temperature between 160 and 220°C.

Properties of H4CBD :
The beneficial effects of H4CBD are winning over a growing number of enthusiasts. Whether you opt for infusion, inhalation or vaporization, each method will offer you a distinct experience, provided you adopt the right practices.

Profile and cultivation of Buddah Kush H4CBD:
This strain is meticulously cultivated indoors to ensure optimum quality. It has an H4CBD content of around 20%, CBD of around 10% and THC of no more than 0.19%.

Why choose our H4CBD?
Our mission is to provide you with the purest H4CBD, the fruit of responsible cultivation and manual harvesting. Each production run is scrupulously controlled to guarantee purity, concentration and safety. Our customer testimonials testify to the product's effectiveness in a variety of situations: pain, anxiety, sleep disorders. Thanks to our online store, purchasing H4CBD has never been easier.

Discover our commitment to well-being!
Browse through our range, read the feedback from our satisfied users and place your order with complete peace of mind. We're with you every step of the way to greater well-being.

Note: Our CBD flowers, like our resins, are organically grown in Europe, without pesticides, and scrupulously comply with European standards, with a THC content of less than 0.3%.

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23 reviews for Buddah Kush H4CBD 20% - English version

  1. Eulalia (confirmed customer) -

    Lord Of CBD has become my benchmark for quality.

  2. Vesta (confirmed customer) -

    Very rare to find such a complete product, I recommend it 100%.

  3. Rachel (confirmed customer) -

    A small revolution in its field, thanks to the whole team!

  4. Ricky (confirmed customer) -

    Impressive, both in terms of quality and efficiency. I'm won over.

  5. Jeromy (confirmed customer) -

    All I can say is "thank you". This product has exceeded my expectations.

  6. Zella (confirmed customer) -

    I've never been so happy with a purchase, Lord Of CBD is incredible.

  7. Mellie (confirmed customer) -

    A benchmark for quality and service, without a doubt.

  8. Hector (confirmed customer) -

    Nothing to complain about, even the details are meticulous. A must-have!

  9. Ansel (confirmed customer) -

    I switched to this product after trying several others, and I can say that this one is by far the best.

  10. Zachariah (confirmed customer) -

    This product has made my life so much easier, it's a revolution.

  11. Hillard (confirmed customer) -

    I recommend it, even though we were out of stock on the option I wanted.

  12. Emilia (confirmed customer) -

    An exceptional customer experience from A to Z.

  13. Trisha (confirmed customer) -

    Many thanks to the Lord Of CBD team for these incredible products.

  14. Dominic (confirmed customer) -

    Surprisingly effective, far beyond my expectations.

  15. Malcolm (confirmed customer) -

    I recommend Lord Of CBD to anyone who wants the best for themselves.

  16. Alexys (confirmed customer) -

    This is the first time I've been so satisfied with an online purchase.

  17. Patsy (confirmed customer) -

    Irreproachable quality is what everyone should be aiming for.

  18. Laurence (confirmed customer) -

    This product is incredibly effective in improving the quality of my sleep. I wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

  19. Valentina (confirmed customer) -

    Seriously, it should be mandatory. A flawless performance.

  20. Sebastian (confirmed customer) -

    The delivery was fast, the product is excellent, what happiness.

  21. Maurice (confirmed customer) -

    I didn't know perfection existed until I discovered this product.

  22. Jesse (confirmed customer) -

    I'm completely blown away by the efficiency and quality.

  23. Jed (confirmed customer) -

    I had my doubts, but they were swept away the first time I used it.

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Buddah Kush H4CBD

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