Strawberry Dragon Fruit CBD Drink - 20 mg

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Hazy Drink Fruit du Dragon & Fraise is a sparkling, sugar-free CBD-infused drink made from French spring water (20 MG per can).

Taste & Flavour : Dragon Fruit & Strawberry

Made in France

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Strawberry Dragon Fruit CBD Drink - 20 mg

Drinks made in France to guarantee unquestionable quality and freshness.

Drink well chilled.

Capacity: 330 ml

Enjoy this marvellous sparkling water and treat yourself to a truly relaxing moment of pleasure.



Carbonated water, citric acid, flavour (according to variety), cannabidiol(CBD), ascorbic acid, sweetener.


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18 reviews for Strawberry Dragon Fruit CBD Drink - 20 mg

  1. Rebekah (confirmed customer) -

    It's very effective and disconcertingly simple. Well done!

  2. Lee (confirmed customer) -

    I didn't expect this level of quality, very impressive.

  3. Johnnie (confirmed customer) -

    The delivery was fast, the product is excellent, what happiness.

  4. Roxanne (confirmed customer) -

    Super effective for my digestive problems. I am really satisfied and will recommend it.

  5. Makenna (confirmed customer) -

    I recommend it 200%, you won't be disappointed.

  6. Viviane (confirmed customer) -

    Excellent product! I've noticed a significant improvement in my sleep and my ability to manage stress. Highly recommend."

  7. Diamond (confirmed customer) -

    The quality is exceptional. I'm really impressed by the effectiveness of this product.

  8. Paula (confirmed customer) -

    Lord Of CBD has become my benchmark for quality.

  9. Uriel (confirmed customer) -

    An excellent customer experience, from start to finish.

  10. Shyann (confirmed customer) -

    Thanks to Lord Of CBD for these exceptional products, I'm won over.

  11. Tavares (confirmed customer) -

    I can only recommend it as a safe investment.

  12. Deshaun (confirmed customer) -

    I had my doubts, but they were swept away the first time I used it.

  13. Ken (confirmed customer) -

    Very refreshing flavour!

  14. Woodrow (confirmed customer) -

    Nothing to complain about, even the details are meticulous. A must-have!

  15. Elisha (confirmed customer) -

    I must say that Lord Of CBD has set the bar very high.

  16. Bonnie (confirmed customer) -

    The service is impeccable, the product perfect, what more could you ask for?

  17. Jaime (confirmed customer) -

    Quite frankly, a game-changing product! A must-try.

  18. Annabell (confirmed customer) -

    Super efficient, but I would have liked discounts on larger orders.

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Strawberry Dragon Fruit CBD Drink - 20 mg

Strawberry Dragon Fruit CBD Drink - 20 mg

3.90 €3.90 

Available soon