Small Strawberry C4B (HHCPO 20%)

CBD: 10%HHCPO: 20%

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Small Strawberry HHCPO 20% & CBD 10% is characterized by its sweet, fruity aroma. A classic flower known for its relaxing properties, Strawberry C4B HHCPO will soothe your aches and pains and considerably reduce stress and anxiety. Ideal for insomnia and psychedelic moments. Small buds: 1 to 2 cm

WARNING: Do not drive after consumption.

Flavours: Fruit - Strawberry


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Immerse yourself in a universe of flavors with HHCPO Small Strawberry Flower: A Sensory Escape Within Your Reach

Discover the Small Strawberry HHCPO flower, a variety that will captivate your senses and embellish your moments of relaxation. This flower is adorned in hypnotic shades of green, ranging from light to darker hues, and dotted with pistils in shimmering colors, offering a soothing visual spectacle. But beyond its aesthetic appeal, it opens up a whole world of sensations.

An Odyssey of Well-Being: Small Strawberry HHCPO & CBD, Your Relaxation Partner

Imagine yourself on a mountaintop, facing a breathtaking panorama, where absolute tranquility reigns, inviting you into unparalleled serenity. This is the experience of plenitude that the Small Strawberry HHCPO flower offers. An invitation to relax, without feeling disconnected from reality. The perfect companion to lighten heavy days, or simply to take a well-deserved break.

The Different Ways to Enjoy Small Strawberry Flower HHCPO - C4B The Art of Infusion

Infusing this flower is like composing a symphony of flavours. Before you start, listen to your body, which is as unique as your responses to the different varieties. Don't hesitate to adjust quantities to find the perfect balance for you.

Express your creativity in your choice of infusions. Whether you're a fan of vanilla flavors, menthol notes or chamomile accents, customize your experience for an unprecedented taste adventure.

Sophisticated Inhalation

Inhaling this flower is an avenue worth exploring. It represents an alternative without the addictive effects of tobacco. If you're feeling daring, why not blend Small Strawberry with other herbs like sage for an even more enchanting journey?

Vaporization: Instantaneity and Purity

Vaporization is an increasingly popular method. It offers rapid absorption for almost instantaneous effects. The big advantage? It ensures pure inhalation, without the undesirable by-products of combustion.

The Unknown Treasures of the HHCPO Flower

With its multiple consumption routes, Small Strawberry HHCPO flower invites you to a unique sensory experience, while offering an array of benefits. However, it's important to choose the method that will enable you to make the most of its properties.

Characteristics Details of Small Strawberry HHCPO Cultivation: Indoor HHCPO concentration: Approx. 20% CBD concentration: Approx. 10% THC concentration: Less than 0.19

It should be noted that these flowers come from European organic farming, without the use of pesticides and in full compliance with current regulations, notably a THC level below the legal limit of 0.3%.

If this exploration of Small Strawberry HHCPO has piqued your curiosity about the world of CBD, I invite you to browse our site. And for HHCPO enthusiasts, our collection is full of other treasures to discover.

Are you ready to let yourself be tempted by this sensory getaway?

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Small Bud HHCPO Strawberry

Small Strawberry C4B (HHCPO 20%)

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