King Hassan THCP 40% resin

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In the Marocco resin family, discover King Hassan, whose powerful spicy aromas will soothe you. Discover the powerful soothing virtues of this natural resin, with no added terpenes. Its 40% THCP concentration and texture are sure to relax you!

Taste & Flavour: Spicy - Fruity - Marroco



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King Hassan resin - THC content complies with French standards, less than 0.3%.

King Hassan resin stands out for its varied colors, oscillating between light and dark brown. This resin is also distinguished by its creamy, velvety texture, revealing a captivating brown hue when sliced. Enriched with an impressive 40% THCP content, this resin is a real treasure from Morocco.

How to use King Hassan THCP resin

This THCP concentrate is one of the most potent in the expanding world of cannabinoids. It has rapidly become the preferred choice of many consumers, thanks in part to its compact, discreet format. The versatility of this resin offers a wide range of consumption possibilities. So how is it made, and how can it be consumed discreetly, far from the clichés often associated with hashish? The potential of this THCP resin is immense, both in terms of consumption methods and associated benefits.

What is THCP resin?

Resin is a plant secretion found in many plants. Used for thousands of years, it is extracted from different trees and plants for a variety of uses, from natural glues to medicinal properties. In the case of King Hassan resin, it is rich in THCP and is extracted from the flower glands of female plants. Extraction uses specialized techniques to isolate the resin from other plant components. It is a quintessential THCP, with high concentrations found in these THCP pastes.

How to benefit from THCP Resin?

Inhalation is often the most spontaneous way to consume this paste. It's popular because the effects are almost instantaneous and short-lived. Using a vaporizer is preferable for a gentler experience on the lungs and better THCP absorption.

Potential benefits of THCP resin

This type of resin offers the virtues of THCP in higher concentrations than other forms. Studies, particularly in the USA, have highlighted its soothing properties and its potential to minimize anxiety, stress and various sleep disorders. It has also been suggested that THCP may have beneficial effects on chronic pain and pain associated with conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Composition of King Hassan Resin

  • Culture: Interior
  • No added terpenes
  • THCP content: approximately 40%.
  • CBG rate: around 1%.
  • THC content: less than 0.3%.

Note: Our THCP products are organically grown in Europe, without the use of pesticides, and in compliance with European standards requiring THC content of less than 0.3%.

For a more in-depth exploration of the world of THCP, take a look at our online magazine!

We emphasize that all information provided complies with French and European legal standards, including the 0.3% THC limit. If you have any questions or are undergoing medical treatment, we strongly advise you to consult a healthcare professional for informed medical advice on possible interactions.

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thcp king hassan resin

King Hassan THCP 40% resin

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