Gelato C4B (HHCPO 20%)

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Gelato HHCPO 20% & CBD 10% flowers are characterized by their sweet aroma. A classic flower known for its relaxing properties, Gelato C4B HHCPO will soothe your aches and pains and considerably reduce your stress and anxiety. Ideal for insomnia.

WARNING: Do not drive after consumption.

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Éveillez Vos Sens Avec la Fleur Gelato HHCPO : Un Éden Sensoriel À Port de Main

Ah, the Gelato HHCPOflower... Its bewitching shades of green, changing from light to dark, and its charming pistils that play with colors, make it a pure delight for the eyes. But there's even more to unveil!

An Odyssey of Relaxation : Gelato HHCPO & CBD, Your Relaxation Partner

Visualize this. You're on top of a mountain, with a breathtaking view of the clouds, and you're calm and serene. That's exactly what this flower gives you. Complete relaxation, but without the feeling of floating in a distant dream. The perfect friend for those days when everything seems so heavy, or when you simply need a break from the ordinary.

A Thousand and One Ways to Enjoy Fleur Gelato HHCPO - C4B

The Elixir of Infusion

Making an infusion with this flower is a bit like reciting a haiku. Before you start, listen to your body. Everyone is unique, and so are our reactions. Don't hesitate to play with the dosage to find the one that's right for you.

Let your creativity do the talking too! Whether you're a fan of vanilla, mint or chamomile, adapt your infusion for an unrivalled taste adventure.

Smoke with Panache

Yes, inhaling this flower is also an option. And the best part? No risk of addiction, unlike tobacco. If you're feeling daring, combine it with other herbs like sage for an even more exciting experience.

Vaporization: Instantaneity and Purity

Vaporization is gaining ground. And why? It promises rapid absorption with almost immediate effects. And the big plus? Pure inhalation, without the residues often associated with combustion.

The Hidden Jewels of the HHCPO Flower

A variety of consumption methods, an unparalleled sensory odyssey, and so many benefits linked to this flower. But remember: make sure you choose the methods that will allow you to make the most of its virtues.

Details of Gelato HHCPO

  • Culture: Indoor
  • HHCPO rate: Approx. 20%.
  • CBD content: Close to 10%.
  • THC content: below 0.19%.

Please note: these flowers are grown organically in Europe, without pesticides and in full compliance with regulations, including THC levels below 0.3%.

If this dive into the world of Gelato HHCPO has left you wanting to know more about the world of CBD, I suggest you browse our magazine. And if you're a die-hard HHCPO fan, feel free to explore our collection.

So, are you ready for this sensory getaway?

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23 reviews for Gelato C4B (HHCPO 20%)

  1. Clarabelle (confirmed customer) -

    A small revolution in its field, thanks to the whole team!

  2. Elmore (confirmed customer) -

    Products of this quality are what we've all been waiting for. Lord Of CBD has it all.

  3. Oren (confirmed customer) -

    The value for money is just incredible, well beyond my expectations.

  4. Golda (confirmed customer) -

    I'm not one to write reviews, but this one I just had to do.

  5. Allison (confirmed customer) -

    This product has made my life so much easier, it's a revolution.

  6. Hobart (confirmed customer) -

    I didn't expect to be so satisfied. An excellent surprise.

  7. Ebony (confirmed customer) -

    I've given it to my pet who suffers from anxiety, and I can see a marked difference in his behavior. Thank you so much!

  8. Montana (confirmed customer) -

    This product is incredibly effective in improving the quality of my sleep. I wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

  9. Ines (confirmed customer) -

    Products of this quality are rare these days.

  10. Barney (confirmed customer) -

    It's very effective and disconcertingly simple. Well done!

  11. William (confirmed customer) -

    Congratulations to the entire Lord Of CBD team, keep up the good work!

  12. Dianna (confirmed customer) -

    I've been using it to manage my stress, and I'm really pleased. I feel much more relaxed and serene.

  13. Gavin (confirmed customer) -

    I'm under the spell, it's hard to go back now.

  14. Gabrielle (confirmed customer) -

    I'm convinced by the products, but the website design could be improved.

  15. Kendall (confirmed customer) -

    The product arrived quickly and the packaging was impeccable. I felt the effects almost immediately.

  16. Demond (confirmed customer) -

    A must for relaxation! I use it regularly to help me relax after a long day at work.

  17. Rosanna (confirmed customer) -

    I'm completely blown away by the efficiency and quality.

  18. Alvina (confirmed customer) -

    I've fallen in love with this product, and there's no end in sight.

  19. Clinton (confirmed customer) -

    Very good service, but some free samples would be nice.

  20. Pierre (confirmed customer) -

    Nothing to complain about, even the details are meticulous. A must-have!

  21. Mckenzie (confirmed customer) -

    I don't usually write reviews, but for Lord Of CBD, I'm making an exception.

  22. Gail (confirmed customer) -

    What a pleasure to discover such a well-thought-out product!

  23. Mustafa (confirmed customer) -


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Gelato C4B (HHCPO 20%)

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